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Paul’s skills speak for themselves—but his clients want to speak about them, too. Listen to what makes Paul a proven leader in the direct response industry:

“Paul adds value at every stage of our clients’ campaigns. He has the depth and breadth of marketing, business, and finance skills that raises the bar for the campaign management services we offer. Paul could literally be the CMO or COO of any of our client companies. He immediately becomes one of our client’s most trusted advisors. There’s nothing better than that.” 

- Tim O’Brien, Vice President & Partner: Cesari Direct


“We came to Paul as novices in the direct response business—we consider ourselves fortunate to have had Paul as our teacher and guide on what has been an important part of our business. He was both extremely knowledgeable and patient and provided us with a solid foundation for future success.”

- Mark Greenberg, Owner: Empress Hair Care

“Paul is one of my favorite people in Direct Response! Not only is he a joy to work with, but an instrumental contact for a winning campaign. His knowledge about media and the entire industry has helped many of our clients achieve success. He takes his time to really understand the campaign so he can best guide you along the way. I highly recommend contacting Paul.”

- Paul Masturzo, COO: Mana Products-Gray Away

“It is my pleasure to recommend Paul to consult on any TV campaign that requires measurable results. He offers a unique understanding of both Direct Response and brand marketing, not to mention his ability to provide a solid financial architecture to each and every campaign. Paul is very well liked and very easy to get along with. He is honest, highly engaged and reliable. Not only does he treat every dollar spent as if it were his own, he provides unparalleled expertise and makes a positive impact to every project”

- Nicky DeLaSalle: Havas Edge

“Paul displays outstanding management and leadership abilities. As a team leader and motivator he is both highly professional and personable and has the respect of both his colleagues and his clients. Paul’s expertise and experience in all areas of advertising and marketing has made him a valued colleague and his easy-going manner makes a pleasure to work with him.”

- Richard Palatini, SVP/Creative Director: Gianettino & Meredith

“As a digital marketer in the Direct Response space, its refreshing to work with Paul because unlike many with a traditional advertising background, he can speak our language. It takes a person with a unique understanding of both DRTV and web marketing to master the synergies between the two disciplines and how one can get both to work together to create profitable results. In all my years in D2C marketing, I’ve yet to come across someone like Paul who really gets it, and he’s a pleasure to work with and his professionalism is unsurpassed.”

- Mark Swaby, President: NetMedia Group

“I've worked with Paul on several large campaigns now. The level of industry knowledge, experience and expertise that he brings to each project is unsurpassed. Simply put, having Paul involved in your DRTV campaign will help you and your clients make more money”.

- Rick Cesari, Owner: Cesari Direct



“Paul’s professionalism and expertise in the DRTV industry are only matched by his cool demeanor and verve. Direct Media agencies have a difficult time differentiating themselves these days but Paul brings a hands-on approach to every account that goes above and beyond the norm. I look forward to more and more successes together over the coming years.”

- Kristy Pinand-Dumpert, VP Sales and Marketing: Concepts TV Productions

“Advertising, especially direct response advertising, is filled with shark-infested waters. Everyone claims to be an expert at everything. It is hard to find detailed, knowledgeable and well-informed specialists that protect the client’s interests and tell the truth! Paul excels at all of this. I have had the pleasure of working directly with Paul on dozens of projects in the direct response industry. He is smart, insightful, buttoned up, honest and delivers the good. I never have to worry about a client under Paul’s constant care. I know they will be given time, analysis and diligence to a degree that is hard to match in the industry. Having Paul on your team is like buying an insurance policy. He can make the difference between a winner and a loser and that is everything in this business, even if it comes from a dolphin in shark-infested waters.”

- Nicolas Gutierrez, Director of Business Development & Media Partnerships: LiveOps

"I consider Paul Rothstein to be a highly professional colleague and team player. Before meeting Paul, some of my previous experiences with vendors and principals in the product marketing, distribution, and sales business were not productive. However, after entering into a working relationship with Paul all phases of my Skin Medix enterprise began to move in a positive direction. This was due, to a great extent, because of Paul’s insight, dedication, and prolific knowledge of every aspect of the DR business.

Paul’s attention to detail, planning initiatives, and evaluation of all phases of our FootMedix campaign, are exceptional. His previous successes in product marketing and sales, and his vast constituent contacts in the DR field are the reflection of his comprehensive DR knowledge and experience. Paul’s role and responsibilities in managing the media acquisition, advertising, and sales aspects of our DR campaign clearly reflect his gifts and bode well for the future of our collective endeavors."

- David C. Watts, M.D., F.A.C.S
Principal, Skin Medix & Inventor of FootMedix