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Paul Rothstein, Founder & President

With more than 30 years of advertising and marketing experience, Paul has delivered results and profits to hundreds of clients. Paul’s extensive background includes general, retail, direct response and B2B advertising, giving him a unique perspective on what it takes to connect buyers and brands. His keen understanding of consumer behavior, combined with his expertise in branding, positioning and media strategies, guarantees that his clients always have the best chance of success.

Paul Rothstein PCR Marketing
Paul Rothstein Co-Founder & President, PCR-Marketing

With a degree in Marketing and Consumer Research, Paul began his career as a media planner, learning the tools required to develop a successful media strategy. From there, he moved to account management, delving into every aspect of the creative process, from television production to print, radio, collateral, online and outdoor. As a result, no one has a better understanding of creative timelines and budgets—and how to manage them.

As a seasoned direct response veteran, Paul brings his signature passion, dedication and creativity to every project, every challenge. He prides himself on being there every single step of the way, collaborating with his team and clients on everything from competitive research, offers, financials and vendor set up, to campaign analysis and optimization. Before he spends a single dollar on marketing, Paul makes sure a campaign is designed for maximum ROI. Having sold products to consumers for over 30 years Paul has a unique understanding of multi-channel marketing and how consumers interact with your brand.

Paul has successfully managed campaigns for a long list of Consumer, B2B and Direct Response clients, including Toys R Us, Laura Geller Cosmetics, Treasure Island, Huffman Koos, Hydroxycut, Sensa, Ronco, Snuggie, Silkn-Home Skinovations, Focus Factor, Renew Life, NAC Marketing, Leviton Manufacturing, Orange and Rockland Utilities, Nautica, MANA Products-Gray Away, Pentel Pens, The Chubb Group and more.

Paul also has particular expertise in supplement marketing, with experience in a number of verticals including weight loss, joint pain, digestive aids and Omega 3 products. He is fully versed in FTC compliance, and his strong retail experience has helped many powerhouse brands become top brands at retail.